Lazy Bum

So, I have spent the last couple of days doing my best to do nothing. This effort was somewhat thwarted by the fact that I had two little paperlings due today. Homework addict that I am, I actually did them. I felt like I’d done much more thinking than showed up in my writing, but I suppose that’s not new.

I had a lovely time Sunday. I was able to find the ward here in Oxford without any trouble (but with a lot of walking, even for here) and was even on time (barely). My feet did not bother me a bit, which I think is a good thing. Everyone there was very cordial. Oxford is full of school groups this time of year, so I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised to run into an entire group of LDS students travelling together (from SVU), but I was. I was actually a little annoyed, because it was their first Sunday in the ward as well and people thought I was with them. They’re very nice people, but they are all young single adults. Since I am not, I ended up being left out of both their group and the regular congregation, a little. I corrected a few people’s misunderstandings and I’m sure word will get around. Even with the mistaken identity, the members there were kind. I really enjoyed the Sunday School lesson, which anyone who knows me at church will recognize as a rare occurrence. Maybe I was just glad for the break from Primary (I did miss the kids at home though…)

After church, I spent some time reading in a nearby park beside a pond. Aside from the bugs (which are nothing compared to Arkansas mosquitoes), it was a very pleasant rest. Behind me was a little stream down which families were boating. Another family brought their dog to the park with them. The dog promptly jumped into the pond and started swimming after the ducks, but the ducks were too fast for him. I had plenty of time for reflection.

That evening, our school group met together for a kind of mandatory worship time. It was, to me, very strange, though I know it was probably nothing unusual to most of the people there. I think the part I enjoyed the most was when everybody prayed together. It was very moving. I suppose if I wanted to, I could produce some big long list of things I disagreed with or things that made me uncomfortable and why, but I think that would really be contrary to the good that was achieved in that meeting. Any hesitations on my part were easily counteracted by the presence of the Comforter there, as unexpected as that was for me. We’ll see how things go next week.

Today, I went to class, bought groceries, and did laundry. Woooo! I am definitely enjoying the exotic and particular pleasures of Oxford life. 🙂 I am just happy to have clean clothes. I am extra happy that they did not get rained on. Our laundry room is in another building, just a stone’s throw from the house, downstairs in a basement. It is difficult to find (or at least it was difficult for me to find the first time. I eventually gave up and asked someone to show me. Lame of me, I know, but I just can’t have an adventurous spirit accompanied by dirty underwear) but is otherwise just your typical laundry room.

We are starting a new unit this week that intends to address the tension between the sacred & the common. I feel mostly (unintentionally) left out of this conversation, but perhaps I’ll post a few comments here about what I read.

If you’re interested in seeing some peaceful (boring) pictures of my last couple relaxing (boring) days, you’re welcome to check them out here:

As always, thanks for your interest. The next couple of days should be more interesting (to you. I’m having fun just breathing in Oxford.). Ciao, y’all.


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