For Science!

I spent this afternoon at Oxford’s Museum of the History of Science and at the University Botanical Gardens. The Museum was really fascinating, but I’m pretty sure I should’ve been accompanied by someone who understood the significance of everything I saw. The Botanical Gardens were beeeyoutiful. I plan on returning when it is a little less humid and I am prepared to lie under a tree for several hours. They also had paddle boats and punts there, but I was alone, so I didn’t do either. While I was there, I was supposed to be reflecting on different types of knowledge. Is there a real difference between the kind of knowledge we get from something when we measure it and the type of knowledge we get from the Bible, or mythology, or other works of literature? Are they all just different ways of observing and measuring, ultimately pointing to the same information? If they all point to the same thing, ultimately, then why do we have distinct categories for them: why biology, painting, history, and theology instead of just one of these? I am still thinking about it.

To see the too-many pictures I took this afternoon, go to:



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