Gastronomic Adventures and Birthday

I know not everyone is a fan of food, but I really am. Also, I’ve done almost nothing interesting this week except eat, so that’s what I have pictures of.

Today was my birthday. It was also our last day of being in Oxford. Our professors threw us all an end-of-program dinner party that was very nice. Later some friends and I went to a pub for a little while. In between all of that, we packed and cleaned up and generally got ready to go. We are leaving obscenely early in the morning tomorrow for the airport, so we tried to get as much ready as possible. My roommate Brittany and I went to a nearby patisserie after we were all packed to celebrate. I had a small fruit tart and a chocolate… cake? It had thin layers of cake with layers of chocolate mousse in between, covered in fudge, sprinkled with pistachios and a raspberry. Both were small enough to fit in the palm of my hand. Both were delicious.

It’s been a busy week (though, as I said, not necessarily interesting), so I haven’t posted much about it. I’m planning on using some of my plane time to pull together some of my thoughts on this whole thing. Since I know how fascinated you all are with my thoughts, I’ll be sure to post them once I get home.

Oxford has been fun in a lot of ways. It’s been a really nice break. I miss my husband and my life in Abilene, though, so I am also looking forward to being back with that again.

Here are pictures:


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