A Taste of Heaven (on the cheap!)

So, occassionally I miss Oxford. Given how often I’ve moved, I feel that I can’t afford to spend a lot of my emotions missing any given place, but sometimes I miss Oxford anyway. One of the things I miss about Oxford is a little bakery that I think was called La Parisienne, but I could be totally wrong about that place. I didn’t notice its name so much as I noticed the deliciousness inside. Not every morning, but some mornings on my way to class I would stop by and get a croissant. On extraspecial (and also extra lucky) mornings, I would get a “chocolate croissant,” which is not a croissant made out of chocolate, but a croissant with chunks of dark chocolate in it. I could only order it by pointing because even though I spoke a kind of English and the person behind the counter spoke a kind of English, my ears were too dumb to understand his kind of English quickly enough to have an intelligent exchange of words. Probably he thought I was mentally retarded (or maybe that was his clue that I was American). At any rate, I loved this bakery and I loved these croissants. Abilene, as far as I can tell, does not (yet) have anything comparable, and since I was downhearted and alone this evening, I decided to try making them myself. I’m too lazy to be actually an experimental baker, so I used very easy ingredients. I took a can of Pilbury croissants and a bar of Hershey’s special dark chocolate and combined them (by breaking the bar into chunks and dropping the chunks on the dough) and then baked the rolls as directed (except that I forgot to set the timer, as usual, so I don’t know how long they cooked). The result was not as good as the French baker around the corner from the lovely home in Oxford (surprise!), but it was good enough. I ate three. I suggest you all go and do likewise.




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