My Baby is Better Than

Some of these things might be included as part of being my baby (i.e. “cuddles”), but my baby is still better than any one of these things on its own.

1. Skittles
2. Chocolate
3. Kisses in the rain
4. Cookies of all kinds
5. Sleep, apparently
6. Chinese food
7. First dates with someone you like
8. Rainbows
9. Unicorns
10. Glitter
11. Video games
12. Computer anything
13. Poetry
14. Roads
15. Indoor plumbing
16. Bread, sliced or otherwise
17. Puppies
18. Kittens
19. Any pet or cuddly animal (yes, including yours)
20. Any noncuddly animals
21. Christmas
22. Halloween
23. Dr. Seuss
24. laughter
25. Literature and literature
26. a night out with friends
27. music
28. art
29. Me
30. possibly his father
31. ukeleles
32. swishy wind
33. new haircuts
34. S’Mores
35. camping/hiking/climbing
36. the ocean
37. the mountains
38. daffodils, rolling hills, the fireside when all the lights are low
39. boom de ada, boom de ada, boom de ada, boom de ada, repeat
40. You, including your face, smell, pets, children, and anything remotely connected to you other than My Baby
41. Rome
42. All of Europe
43. The polar ice caps
44. The ozone layer
45. the possible existence of dark matter
46. stars
47. Science, a.k.a. everything we humans think we know
48. Hugs
49. Clean sheets and a warm bed on a cold day
50. Fireworks, watermelon, and the whole Fourth of July
51. Bastille Day
52. Old people who say funny things unintentionally
53. Apples
54. Caramel
55. All candy, really, and sugar in general
56. Any number of diseases, potentially fatal or not
57. The ability to go out of the house unencumbered
58. Financial security
59. Emotional stability
60. Did I say sleep?
61. Honeysuckle
62. Buttercups
63. Mums, but that’s not difficult since they are The Most Disgusting Flowers Ever, So Digusting That They Shouldn’t Even Be Called Flowers, But Should Be In A Category Of Their Own So They Don’t Infect The Real Flowers With Their Disgustingness
64. Airplanes
65. Purple
66. Sunrise and Sunset
67. Trees
68. Precious metals and gems
69. ConSIStent CapITaLIZatIon
70. Grammar generally
71. Engineering
72. iPods
73. Strawberries
74. allergens
75. luaus
76. falling in love with the work of a particular artist for the first time
77. falling in love all around
78. yoga
79. jeans that fit
80. The Perfect Shoe

Things Better Than My Baby:
1. God. Mostly.

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