#reverb10 Beyond Avoidance

This prompt asks me to consider what I should have done this year but didn’t. Here is a list of things I regularly avoid:

1. oncoming traffic
2. driving in California
3. driving in any sort of traffic
4. housework
5. people I don’t like
6. making new friends
7. heavy lifting
8. painting a house
9. vampires
10. grading
11. a full moon
12. making people I care about angry at me
13. exercise
14. the news
15. math
16. budgeting
17. paying bills
18. yard work
19. my baby crying
20. zombies

Unsurprisingly, despite my best efforts, I’ve had to confront many of these things this year. No matter how much I want to avoid doing math, there it is, staring me in the face. Ditto for zombies. Seriously, though, I think this year for me has been about confronting the unthinkable. I have had to not just not-avoid things in my life, but actively embrace and incorporate them. I hate driving in traffic, but we live in New Jersey, and I’m the only one in the house able to drive now. I hate it when my baby cries, but guess what? I would hate it more if he never did. That would mean something is wrong. I have never been a thrillseeker. I don’t even like haunted houses. I feel life brings me all the challenges I can carry at any given moment without my looking for more. I think, though, that in 2011, I’ll try to resist less and embrace whatever comes my way. The changes that have happened this year haven’t all been good, but I definitely feel like a stronger,  more capable person than I was last year.

What are you avoiding? Other than me?


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