#reverb10 Travel

I know I’m way behind on reverb, but I’m a slow thinker, so I’m still reflecting on 2010. 🙂

I’ve written often about my eternal wandering on this blog, especially about all the travelling I’ve done this year. I’m susceptible to wanderlust, but I’ve had my fill for the time being, I think. I feel a little windblown. I’d like to find a place and just stop and catch my breath. That’s unlikely, but I wish for it all the same.

Right now I’m reading How to Live Safely in a Science Fictional Universe (thanks, Whitney!) by Charles Yu. In this book, a character also named Charles Yu lives between times. I love this book for many reasons, but one reason I love it is how it addresses the issues of space, environment, and change as those relate to the human heart. The narrator can travel to wherever and whenever he chooses, but he doesn’t choose to hang out in 16th century Tuscany, or visit the Babylonian Empire at its zenith. Instead, he says, “I fix time machines during the day . . . , and at night I sleep alone, in a quiet, nameless, dateless day that I found, tucked into a hidden cul-de-sac  of space-time. For the past several years, I have gone to sleep every night in this same little pocket, the most uneventful piece of time I could find. Same exact thing every night, night after night. Total silence. Absolutely nothing. That’s why I chose it. I know for a fact that nothing bad can happen to me in here” (Yu 14-15). If I could travel anywhere this year, that’s where I’d go, too. As much as I’d love to go back to Oxford, as much as I enjoy California, I just want a little piece of peace where I can belong.

Unfortunately, I don’t live in a science fictional universe (as far as I know); I live in New Jersey. I think I’ll have better luck creating a place like that than finding one (and once I found it, I’d have to travel to it, which is the opposite of what I want). So instead of gallivanting about this year, I think I’d just like to travel to my own home, making it as I go.


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