Shakespeare, Of Course

Obviously I can’t let National Poetry Month end without paying homage to The Bard. And since today is Prince William and (now Princess) Kate’s wedding day (though noting that may mean I’m unpatriotic), a love poem is appropriate. This poem isn’t about new, fresh, love, though, so it’s not really directed at wedding day exuberance. It is, perhaps, more about golden years love. Read it and let me know what you think.

"The Eternity of Morning" by Vaughn Teegarden

Sonnet 74

But be contented when that fell attest
Without all bail shall carry me away,
My life hath in this line some interest,
Which for memorial still with thee shall stay.

When thou reviewest this, thou dost review
The very part was consecrate to thee.
The earth can have but earth, which is his due;
My sp’rit is thine, the better part of me.

So then thou hast but lost the dregs of life,
The prey of worms, my body being dead,
The coward conquest of a wretch’s knife,
Too base of thee to be remembered.

The worth of that is that which it contains,
And that is this, and this with thee remains.


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