Seasonal Reading

I suppose I’m like everyone else who reads in that I want to read certain books at certain times of year more than other times. Many people read A Christmas Carol at Christmastime, for example. Here is my “book calendar.”  What’s yours?

– Anything by Jennifer Weiner
New York Times’ Bestsellers
The Bridge to Terebithia

The Poe Shadow (even though The Dante Club was better)
The Lord of the Rings
– memoirs of any sort
The Cloister Walk
– Modernist literature: Fitzgerald, Joyce, Hemingway, etc.

– The Harry Potter series, all of ’em, particularly just before and after Christmas
The Father Christmas Letters, but only before Christmas
– C.S. Lewis’ nonfiction
– biographies
– The Anne of Green Gables series tends to get me through February, which is my most hated of all months
Leaf by Niggle” in Tree and Leaf gives me hope

– anything by Jane Austen
Eat, Pray, Love
bird by bird
– poetry, poetry, poetry

This list may seem a little vague. This is because I so rarely enjoy rereading books (at least, I don’t enjoy it in comparison to reading new books>, but I do find myself drawn to different genres at different times of year. Books I’ve read recently that will probably make it into my yearly rereads are The Magicians (fall), The Hangman’s Daughter (fall) and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (winter), and maybe The Brightest Star in the Sky (spring).

What are your favorite books to reread? When do you like to reread them?


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