What’s Blossoming?

I was digging through my inbox today and ran across this prompt from reverb from April. While that question is certainly appropriate for springtime, I’m surprised at how well it fits October. Fall is my very favorite time of year, especially in parts of the country where there is a real, smouldering Autumn, and not just a sudden plunge from summer into ice storms. So here is a list of things that are blooming right now:

  • Pumpkins on the vine. Some are already bright orange and some are still electric green, but they’re beautiful and plump and cheery tucked in between the dark brown earth and the cozy leaves.

  • Leaves on the trees. They’re just beginning to turn here, but there’s enough of a change to get excited about. In a couple of weeks, the forests will flame.
  • My baby. He was born about this time a year ago, and he is just growing like a weed. When I think of things that are blossoming, I think of things that are vibrant and full of life. That is certainly my little boy.
  • Goldenrod. Ask my asthma if you don’t believe me. Honestly, I think the way goldenrod graces the fields this time of year is just lovely, especially after the first (not-hard) frost (which hasn’t happened yet). I would love it more if I could breathe, though.

  • Smells. There are so many smells that I associate with fall: smoky, woodsy, wet smells; spicy, cozy baking smells; waxy, plastic Halloween smells. There is just so much to SMELL right now (if only my nose weren’t stuffed from smelling it all!)
  • Sweaters. I’ve seen these pop up all over town already (and it isn’t quite that cold yet), along with rain boots, umbrellas, and those little beret-ish hats with pom-poms on top (tam o shanter? Is that really its name?). Red, grey, purple, cream, argyle, blue, or striped. Cardigan or pullover. Whatever your sweater preference, now is the time to pull them out again.

Of course, the biggest thing blossoming right now is Fall itself. I love this time of year from the top of my head to the tip of my toes, allergies notwithstanding. What do you see blossoming this Fall?


5 thoughts on “What’s Blossoming?

  1. Tam o shanters? Really? I guess I haven’t been out enough to notice such fashion trends. Your talk of smell makes me bitter. Thus I say only cold and rain is blooming in Pittsburgh. Later in the week when it turns sunny and warmer I’ll have positive things to say. 🙂

    Actual flowers that I’ve noticed blooming are mums. I know how you love them. 😉 My mom wants to plant some in the front garden again, I definitely associate them with fall. The petunias and impatients are hanging in there, too. I’m not ready for winter…

  2. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
    ~Albert Camus

    I have no idea how you feel about him as a person but I thought you would like this quote. 😉

    I love autumn, It is my favorite season, ALWAYS.

    1. I don’t know how I feel about Camus, either, other than my general irritation with French existentialism (sooo pretentious! Or maybe it’s just the people who like Camus who are pretentious. 🙂 ). I do like this quote, though. You’re right about that.

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