First Lines and Titles 2011

Remember this contest from last year? Well, it’s back!

It’s November again, and that means it is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). All across the world, people are buckling down and attempting to produce at least a rough draft of a novel in a mere 30 days. It’s the New York Marathon of the literary world. Well, unfortunately for me, I am (still) no more capable of writing a novel in a month than I am capable of running a marathon, but I do really like writing. So I am proposing (and sponsoring) a First Lines or Titles contest. I can’t manage to write a novel in a month, even a really terrible one, but maybe I can come up with an idea for a novel in a month. SO! If you want to participate in the creative zeitgeist that is NaNoWriMo, but you’re too cowardly or honestly too busy this time to produce a whole novel, please consider my humble contest.

Contest details:
Ok, here’s the deal. You submit a really kickin’ first line (or first few lines) and a title for your novel idea. Post it in the comments section below before  midnight on Nov. 30th. Then, during Dec 1-4, we will all vote on which first line and title combination we like the best. Winner gets a bag of candy and a potentially awesome novel idea. 🙂

1. NO POACHING. At least, no poaching without permission. All intellectual property posted belongs to the original poster. If you want to use someone’s idea, get written permission first.
2. Please submit only one entry. Some of you may have gillions of wonderful ideas, in which case I am super envious of you. Please pick only one example of your brilliance to enter.
3. You only get one vote. Yeah, you could probably trick me, but is it really worth it for a bag of candy? It’s your soul, man. You can vote for yourself.
You can vote even if you don’t post an entry. Details on how to vote will be given at the end of the month.
4. NO PLAGIARISM. Please enter only your own original idea. I know you can be inspired by other writers, but if it didn’t come from your brain, it’s not your idea. If it’s not your idea, don’t post it. If I discover that your first line just happens to be the first line, in, say, Ulysses, you will be kicked out of the contest. AND I WILL FIND OUT. Again, is it really worth it for a bag of candy? No, no it’s not.
5. In the event of a tie, all the people who have tied will get a bag of candy, unless more than five people tie. If six or more entries tie, we will have a run-off election. More details on that if it becomes relevant, which is unlikely.

Good luck! Happy posting!

3 thoughts on “First Lines and Titles 2011

  1. Padgett couldn’t help but wonder how she ended up being chased across a baseball field by evil garden gnomes, but then again, her life had never been what she would call normal.

    “The Harlequin Adventures of Padgett the Great”

  2. The silence of the early dawn was rudely interrupted by screams of terror and chaos. Leah stood on her porch trying to find the source of the disturbance when she felt the earth rumble beneath her bare feet.

    I vote for cheryl because I totally want to know what happens with those evil gnomes. You have one year to get it done, cheryl!

  3. With tired eyes, Benji reread the flyer from the wavy haze of his laptop screen, “Student Work! Pay is Great! Must be a healthy young male age 18-22 to participate!”

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