Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens!

Charles Dickens

Today marks 200 years since Charles Dickens was born, and whether you find his books delightful or a high-school-assigned-reading chore, he’s had a huge impact on the English language and on literature written in English generally. For some fun facts and other stuff about Charles Dickens, pop over to Dickens 2012 and discover something new.

Today's Google doodle in honor of Charles Dickens

To commemorate his birth, I have a Charles Dickens Reading Challenge for any who’d be interested. Sometime between now and Dec 31st, read a book by Charles Dickens and send me your thoughts about what you’ve read. I’ll post it here on Something Worth Reading (unless you’d prefer I didn’t). The real prize, of course, is reading Dickens, but for those of us interested in more concrete motivation, everyone who participates gets either a candy bar or stickers, your choice. I’m thinking of reading either Dombey & Son or Little Dorrit, both of which I’ve started several times but haven’t ever finished. Yay!

What are you going to read?


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Charles Dickens!

  1. I’ve had the best intentions of reading a Dickens book, but have never finished a single one! I’ll have to jump on board and find one I can commit to. 🙂

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