More Shakespeare. Why not?

I love this poem. That is all. (Reading hint: “Philomel” often refers to a nightingale. Here’s why, more or less.)

QOTD: What do you love most about the person you love the most? No, it doesn’t have to be a real person. (Also, I forgot to give a question for yesterday’s post. Leave any comment you like there.)

Sonnet 102
William Shakespeare

My love is strengthened, though more weak in seeming.
I love not less, though less the show appear.
That love is merchandised, whose rich esteeming
The owner’s tongue doth publish everywhere.

Our love was new, and then but in the spring,
When I was wont to greet it with my lays,
As Philomel in summer’s front doth sing,
And stops his pipe in growth of riper days;
Not that the summer is less pleasant now
Than when her mournful hymns did hush the night,
But that wild music burden every bough,
And sweets grown common lose their dear delight.
Therefore, like her, I sometime hold my tongue,
Because I would not dull you with my song.


2 thoughts on “More Shakespeare. Why not?

  1. Ah, you asked a question I can’t help but answer. There are so many things I love about the one I love most… but what I love best is how safe and secure I feel with him. I trust he loves me, no matter what. Its beautiful!

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