Quick Glimpses

Here is a poem by Etheridge Knight. Each stanza is a haiku. I chose this in honor of my friend, Shelly Sanders, who is working on a twitter-haiku project involving God and sacred spaces and technology (I think). Doesn’t that sound fascinating? She’s a fascinating person. Anyway, poem:

QOTD: What’s the first significant thing you see every morning, and what does it say about you, your life, or the place where you live?

by Etheridge Knight (You should definitely click on the link. This guy had an amazing life. Also, this parenthetical aside is not part of the poem.)

Eastern guard tower
glints in sunset; convicts rest
like lizards on rocks.

The piano man
is stingy, at 3 A.M.
his songs drop like plum.

Morning sun slants cell.
Drunks stagger like cripple flies
On jailhouse floor.

To write a blues song
is to regiment riots
and pluck gems from graves.

A bare pecan tree
slips a pencil shadow down
a moonlit snow slope.

The falling snow flakes
Cannot blunt the hard aches nor
Match the steel stillness.

Under moon shadows
A tall boy flashes knife and
Slices star bright ice.

In the August grass
Struck by the last rays of sun
The cracked teacup screams.

Making jazz swing in
Seventeen syllables AIN’T
No square poet’s job.


One thought on “Quick Glimpses

  1. First significant thing I see everyday is probably my hubby. I don’t know what it says about me, maybe that I’m a very lucky lady. 🙂

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