NaNoWriMo prompt 4

I am sick and feeling melodramatic, so here is the prompt you get today. Don’t feel obligated to respond to my prompts if you don’t feel like it. They’re just here to get you going if you can’t think of anything to say.

Prompt: When did you feel the worst you have ever felt? Childbirth? Heartbreak? Really bad toothache? What made you feel better (assuming you do)?

Sample writing from Susan today (taken from some revisions– boring, I know, but it’s what I had time to write today): Developing such a language [that is, “the language of ecological humility” advocated by Christopher Manes in “Nature and Silence”] requires not only that we interrogate preexisting terms that indicate oppressive power structures, but also that we acknowledge languages beyond English, beyond French, or beyond any spoken by human beings. Instead, critics are called to learn to interpret the language of the landscape in which they reside.


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