NaNoWriMo prompt 5

How is your writing going? I hope you’ve had a chance to write something everyday, but if not, try again. Start today. You can do it!

Prompt: Talk about a childhood treasure– a stuffed animal, a favorite grandparent, a trip to Disneyland, whatever. Describe it and consider why it’s so meaningful.

Excerpt from Susan’s notebook yesterday: Sometimes I am too much given to purple prose, but it makes me feel good anyway. I can always calm down in revision. Tonight I noticed the stars– it’s so nice to see them again after New Jersey’s reddish nighttime haze. The stars shone down, pure and bright against the watercolor darkness. Sometimes I imagine what nighttime would have been like for mostly-rural people living 100 years ago. I think the stars must have been much more important– and more obvious– then.

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