NaNoWriMo prompt 8

Prompt for today: Imagine you are going to live on the moon. Describe a typical day there.


Excerpt from Susan’s writing today:

On this particular Valentine’s Day, Jack, the proprietor, hunched over the glass counter beside the register and squinted sharply at the array of clockwork pieces in front of him through his jeweler’s loupe. Poppets and Joy sold plenty of conventional toys, but they originally specialized in clockwork toys. Naturally handy, Jack happily kept the family tradition alive. He did a brisk business over the Internet in his handmade originals, but anyone who actually came into the shop was offered a much more reasonable price. Children who showed interest practically got them for free.

Holding a tiny screwdriver between his teeth, Jack eased two pieces together until they clicked. The bare parts started marching across the counter, and Jack smiled, clapping. Then he leapt forward off his stool, just catching the mechanism as it marched off the edge of the counter. A child and her mother walked in just then. The child caught sight of Jack juggling the parts from one hand to another, trying not to drop them, and giggled.


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