TONIGHT, the National Book Awards will be decided. You should be totally excited about this if you love reading because 1. there are so many wonderful nominees this year, and 2. it means you get a chance to win a free book!

Here is the deal: You boogie over to the National Book Awards website and check out all the nominees. THEN you COME BACK HERE and leave a comment on this post saying which book you think should win in any of the categories (there are four)–whether you’ve read it or not. 🙂 The winner will win a copy of the book that actually wins in the category they’ve chosen (for instance, if you think Goblin Secrets should win the Young People’s Literature category, you would win a copy of the book that actually does win the award for that category). There will only be one overall winner for this contest, and you can only win one book (even if you pick a winner for all four categories), and each comment is counted as one entry. I’m betting that not many people will enter this contest, though, so your odds of winning are pretty great.

Bon chance! Vive La Littérature!


4 thoughts on “FLASH CONTEST!

  1. I think that Kevin Powers, author of The Yellow Birds should win. I mean, how awesome would it be for him to win this award with his first book?! Crazy-awesome!! All of the fiction books look good though…I’m interested to find out who will win!

  2. I think that Kevin Powers’ book, The Yellow Birds, should win. I mean, how awesome would it be for his very first book to win?! Crazy-awesome! The other fiction nominees look great too, so I am interested to find out who will win.

  3. Having read none of the books I will now judge the books by their covers.
    Fiction: A Hologram for the King-I like its fake leather look
    Non-Fiction: Behind the Beautiful Forevers-The old truck on Boy Kings was tempting, but I decided to go with the person looking up
    Poetry: Heavenly Bodies-I wanted to go with Fast Animal for the title, but I was judging by the cover, not the title so I’ve got to go with with lizard/snake
    Young People’s: Out of Reach-the person laying there is very enticing

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