NaNoWriMo prompt 10

Hey, hey! We’re halfway through November! Keep up the good work! I was reminded of this quote today, so for today’s prompt, I’d like you to respond to it in whatever way suits you:

     Each of us can do a little better than we have been doing. We can be a little more kind. We can be a little more merciful. We can be a little more forgiving. We can put behind us our weaknesses of the past and go forth with new energy and increased resolution to improve the world about us, in our homes, in our places of employment, in our social activities.
We have work to do, you and I, so very much of it. Let us roll up our sleeves and get at it, with a new commitment, putting our trust in the Lord. . . .
May we go with determination to try a little harder to be a little better. -Gordon B. Hinckley


And here is an excerpt from my own writing:

An ear-splitting crack resounded across the water through the skyscraper canyons as a shuttle launched for Port Selene. Its rockets blazed a trail of clarity through the ubiquitous rusty city fug. Port Selene shimmered like a full moon beyond the cloud cover. Vegas imagined she could see soft, welcoming stars behind it. The fog rushed to obliterate the shuttle’s path, shrouding the sky in reflective darkness again. Vegas sighed. She heard the echo of sirens, some close, some farther away. A flood perhaps. Another fire. Probably a shooting.


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