NaNoWriMo prompt 15

Hey, no slacking just because it’s almost Thanksgiving! Pull out your notebooks and keep writing!

Today’s prompt: Imagine you are a turkey. Discuss.

Excerpt from Susan’s writing: I’ve decided my grandmother is an expert sailor. This is probably fiction. We are sailing on the Chesapeake Bay. My grandmother is dressed a la Audrey Hepburn– cigarette pants and a striped shirt, though in navy rather than black. Llosa saunters aboard our small boat, insofar as one can saunter into a boat. Tucked under his arm is his pet rooster, Creusculo. “I’m not getting on a boat with that thing,” claims Virginia Woolf, tall and straight in her tan overcoat, a thin pine against the wind off the shore. We all roll our eyes. “Come on, Virginia,” wheedles my mother. “I’ve saved you a seat right here.” She pats the upholstery. Llosa grins, daring her to board, daring her to stay. I sigh. “Ginny, get in the boat.” She glowers and boards. Later, the rooster dies.


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