NaNoWriMo prompt 16

Prompt: Describe a Thanksgiving in which everything goes wrong.


Excerpt from Susan’s writing:

Though Jack had grown up in his apartment above the toy shop, his parents now lived in a cozy old Victorian-looking thing within sight of the old Mt. Holly Graveyard. It fairly curdled with gingerbread, painted Pepto Bismol pink and margarita green, cheering loudly from beneath its coating of ice and snow and soot. Ghost of tiny footprints crackled in the snow and ice in the front yard leading up to the wide front porch. A crumbling snowman built around Christmastide stood sentinel, pitted and crackling, missing its arms and most of its face. Most of the downstairs windows were fogged as Jack approached, and the sight cheered him. Spaghetti tonight, he thought.


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