NaNoWriMo prompt 18

I know I said “come back tomorrow,” but clearly I meant “come back on Monday.” Sorry, guys. I meant to post everyday through the holiday weekend, but things got out of hand here. Judging from my blog stats, you were too busy to read anyway. But now, back to work. Just four more days!!!

Today’s prompt: Your mother disappears for three days without telling anyone. She returns unharmed, the same as ever, except maybe a little happier. She refuses to speak of the three lost days, and if anyone brings it up, she looks like she doesn’t understand what they’re talking about. Describe what really happened.


Excerpt from the mountain of forced writing I’ve done this weekend, from a talk on gratitude and tithing:

A grateful heart invites us towards greater humility. Let’s think about the story of the ten lepers. The story goes, Jesus healed ten men of leprosy, and they went away rejoicing. Of those ten, one man returned to thank Jesus. President Monson points out that “through divine intervention those who were lepers were spared from a cruel, lingering death and given a new lease on life.” Similarly, Christ heals us from spiritual death, and gives the opportunity to enjoy eternal life. . . . It is interesting to note that just as one out of ten lepers returned to the Savior with gratitude, so too are we asked to return one tenth of our increase as an expression of gratitude and obedience.


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