Did You Win?

So how was your November? Did you write a lot? Did you eat a lot? I did both, but definitely more eating than writing. As I said when we started out with NaNoWriMo this past month, my goal was to get you to make writing more of a part of your daily routine, to integrate it more into your life (and mine). I only gave you 22 prompts, but you may have written more than that. Do me a favor? In the comments below, let me know how your writing went this month. Let me know how many days you wrote, and how many words you wrote, and let me know any thoughts you might have on our little experiment this month. You may remember that prizes will be involved. Regardless, I hope you’ll keep writing!

3 thoughts on “Did You Win?

  1. There were prizes involved? I should’ve been paying more attention! I only wrote the last five days of the month and just blog posts, not prompt responses. I think I’ll save them for later. April is National Short Story Writing Month. 🙂

  2. I only wrote in my journal for 8 days but I wrote a daily list and more notes to people than I normally do. I think this was a great challenge and I am going to do my best to continue writing in my journal more often.

  3. I wrote blog posts on 5 days and in my journal 5 days. Way too many word to count. 🙂 You know me. I also wrote lots of lists and thank you notes… I’m trying to get ready to have this baby and get Christmas all ready before he comes! Ha! But I don’t have specifics for how many days. So, I guess the experiment proved that keeping track of how many days I wrote was too much for this little pregnant brain of mine. But it was fun trying to write more often.

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