To Read, Perchance to Buy

As usual, I have so much to say that I’m avoiding saying any of it here on this blog, and instead I’m going to ask you this, which I probably should’ve asked you last month:

Of all the books you read in 2012, what was your favorite?

As much as I like you and care about your preferences, I have purely selfish reasons for asking. I was given a gift card to buy some books with for Christmas, and I am overwhelmed by good choices. Unfortunately, I cannot buy 1000 books. I can maybe buy two (with this gift card). So what do you think I should buy?

Someday we’ll get to part 4 of my TCV review, and Dickens, and One Little Word, and so much more, but not yet. Patience, please! And in the meantime, tell me what you enjoyed reading so much that you think it’s worth owning.

6 thoughts on “To Read, Perchance to Buy

  1. Oh dear. I don’t know I that I can narrow to just one, so here’s a list. Sorry.
    Cookbook worth owning and reading cover to cover — Dinner a Love Story
    YA book — The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
    Non-Fiction — End of Your Life Book Club
    Fiction — The Chaperone
    Book that I think may be my favorite of 2013 — Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Books Store (The cover glows in the dark. GLOWS. That alone is enough. But it’s a wonderful story, too.)

    1. I took your advice and bought Mr. Penumbra’s… It was great! But my copy did NOT glow in the dark. I feel cheated, except not really, because the story really is wonderful. The others are on my to-read list, fairly near the top. Thank-you so much!

  2. And some more books that you should check out from the library — The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry, An Alter to the World, Tell the Wolves I’m Home, An Everlasting Meal.

    English professors are so obnoxious, no?

    1. Eh, we’ll form our own obnoxious tribe, English professors and people who read, and we won’t let anyone in if they can choose fewer than 3 favorite books. And maybe we’ll wear silly hats? Oh, who am I kidding? Book people can barely dress themselves some days. We’ll look silly whether we mean to or not. 🙂

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