Did you enjoy reading poetry this month? I hope you found something you liked, if not here on the blog, then out there in librosphere somewhere. Congratulations to Cheryl, the commenter who won this year’s National Poetry Month contest. Cheryl has won this contest before, but to be fair, she comments twice as much as almost everyone else. In fact, I ran the numbers repeatedly, just out of curiosity, to see if any other names would come up (I was hoping Shanna would win, because I want her to read Life on Mars, and don’t think she has time to go look it up herself), and it took 5 tries to get a different name. (Not Shanna, either.). That’s how much more Cheryl commented and contributed. So she wins because I drew her name first, but she also wins FOUR TIMES OVER. That’s an emphatic win. The universe must really want her to have this lovely book of Jane Hirshfield’sCome, Thief, which I chose because I think she will love it.

Thanks to everyone who read and commented and shared poetry with me this month. Next year, same time, same place?


2 thoughts on “Winner!

  1. Well, I didn’t even know about the competition. Can I still comment even though I rarely have anything intelligent to say? Then I could beat out that Cheryl big time.

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