Banned Books Week: Winner!

Did you enjoy banned books week here? I loved seeing Buzzfeed’s Mugshots of Literary “Criminals” (characters from banned books.) Check it out.

This year’s winner is Kim. Yaaaay Kim! She has won a copy of The Call of the Wild by Jack London (unless, of course, she’d prefer another frequently banned or challenged book). I’m not sure what’s objectionable about this book–maybe sad things happening to dogs?– but perhaps when Kim reads it, she can give us some insight about it. Kim has some little boys who might enjoy reading it with her. I read it in fifth grade, so I think it would be ok for their ages. Congratulations Kim!


2 thoughts on “Banned Books Week: Winner!

  1. I like this quirky smart blog. I’m not sure if you are interested in historical fiction, but if so and would like occasional emails offering review copy coming your way, let me know. You definitely read smart, which alas is a rare thing on the web. I haven’t wanted to take on Foucault in years, so more power to you! And I like your banned book pieces. Let me know if a thoughtful historical fiction sounds good to you. (NO vampires or other fads. Although my own book, being set in the Greek world of both myth and history does have 1 half horse/half man centaur as a cameo appearance)

  2. How have I missed all these posts? I know I’m still subscribed! Sorry I’ve missed so much!!! But thanks for the prize, I think my boys will enjoy reading London’s work. I’ve never read any of his, so it will be fun to read together!

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