NPM: Michelangelo

In exactly TWO WEEKS, my wonderful, genius, beautiful, amazing sister-in-law will be getting married. I am so excited. We are all so excited. I assume Whitney and Shaun are excited as well. They’ve certainly been eating a lot of cake lately (lots of showers and parties), and if that isn’t an endorsement for getting married, I don’t know what is. I wish I had a love poem about cake to share, but I don’t, so here is poem by Michelangelo, which is basically the same thing.

If one chaste love, if one divine compassion,
If one destiny is equal to two lovers,
If one hard fate of the one is felt by the other,
If one spirit, if one will guides two hearts,
If one soul in two bodies makes itself eternal,
Lifting both to heaven with a single wing,
If Love in one blow and one golden arrow
The hearts in two chests can burn and tear,
If the one loves the other and neither loves himself,
With one pleasure and one delight, to such a measure
That one and the other desire to reach a single end,
Thousands and thousands would not make a hundredth
Of such a knot of love, or of such a faith:
And only anger could break or untie it.
-Michelangelo Buonarotti

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