Unspeakable May

As much as I hate February, that much again I love May. I’m up to my eyeballs in page proofs this week (the result of overscheduling and procrastination and paralyzing Imposter Syndrome), but I ran across this quote from Wendell Berry and wanted to share it with you all again. This is a thought that I find again and again periodically, and each time it’s like reading it for the first time. I like to hang on to it and think about it, like you would a particularly beautiful marble in your pocket, but I always forget. Anyway:

[T]he sense . . . . came suddenly to me then that the world is blessed beyond my understanding, more abundantly than I will ever know. . . . Though as a man I inherit great evils and the possibility of great loss and suffering, I know that my life is blessed and graced by the yearly flowering of the bluebells. How perfect they are! In their presence I am humble and joyful. If I were given all the learning and all the methods of my race I could not make one of them, or even imagine one. . . . It is the privilege and the labor of the apprentice of creation to come with his imagination into the unimaginable, and with his speech into the unspeakable.

What’s filling you with unspeakable awe and delight these days?


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