One Good Turn Deserves Another

"Louise Nursing Her Child," Mary Cassatt
“Louise Nursing Her Child,” Mary Cassatt

Aforementioned good friend Shanna sent me this poem this other day, thinking I would appreciate it, and she was right. She claims she and her roommate were “surprisingly moved by a poem about lactation,” but I find nothing about lactation surprises me anymore. Seriously, though, I love the notion of innate kindness. Like, even at the biological level, we know we need to care for each other. What do you think of this poem?

by Moya Cannon

Could he have known
that any stranger’s baby
crying out loud in a street
can start the flow?
A stain that spreads
on fustian
or denim.

This is kindness
which in all our human time
has refused to learn propriety,
which still knows nothing
but the depth of kinship,
the depth of thirst.

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