Interrogating My Privilege

“See Fewer Posts Like This” is privilege.

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Privilege is when people tell you they feel threatened, and you roll your eyes.

Privilege is when people tell you they have been attacked, and you tell them they deserved it.

Privilege is when people tell you their life is hard, and you tell them its their own fault.

Privilege is when you are presented with irrefutable evidence that someone has been treated unjustly,

and you ask what they did to provoke the injustice.

Privilege is when someone says they don’t feel safe, and you tell them to stop talking.

Privilege is when you see someone suffering, and you cross the street.

Privilege is when someone is outraged over being treated unjustly, and you change the subject.

Privilege is when someone tries to explain to you, to prove to you, to share with you, their oppression and

you pull back a little

you curl your lip

you make that scoffing noise in the back of your throat

you sigh.

“Here we go again,” you think.

“So gauche.”


Privilege is being able to do all of those things, because it’s not your reality.

Privilege is thinking you’re not privileged, because you worked hard to get where you are.

Honey, we’re all working hard.

Privilege isn’t having an easy life.

Privilege is having the luxury to pretend everyone’s life is as hard as yours.

I am extraordinarily privileged.


I don’t want to have to explain or define privilege myself, so here’s the best explanation of privilege I’ve ever read.

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